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Pyramid Visuals is pleased to announce the launch of its new dedicated exhibition displays website This web site is mainly focused on supplying popular exhibition products like 3×3 POP Up stands, Pull up banners and outdoor banner flags.

The easy to navigate exhibition site is designed to mostly be informative of the various exhibition display products available ‘off the shelf’ detailing the products specification, graphic size dimensions and a downloadable product sheet of each exhibition display products.

The web site offers a wide range of the most popular POP UP graphic stand as well the roller banners and pull up graphic banners stands. Ranging from the cheap budget range of 3×3 POP Ups to the more robust quality POP UP ranges.

So for more information on 3 x 3, 3 x 4 POP Up exhibition stands or economy roller banners please visit

Having been badly let down by a previous vinyl wrapping supplier, Pyramid Visuals were contacted in something of a panic to try and help rectify a predicament a client had been dropped in. With less than half a week to go to meet the deadline for a large outdoor event, we were tasked with digitally printing and wrapping 10 contemporary-styled Rickshaws in bespoke Arsenal / O2 branding.
All seemed well on the face of it – the deadline was unrealistically tight, our fitting diary was totally booked out for the remainder of the week leaving no space to squeeze the job in, the Rickshaws were delivered still partially wrapped from a previous job and as for the material being in stock, we simply didn’t have time to wait for new stock to be delivered. So a fairly routine job it was then …!
Having re-jigged the fitting diary, pacified many concerned Pyramid employees about the limited turnaround time, stripped the vehicles in preparation for rebranding wrap and sourced enough material to do the job, we waited for the artwork to be sent through … and we waited and waited and waited.
Finally, with a day and a half to go until the job was due to be unveiled to the public, the artwork was eventually sent to Pyramid and the professional yet slightly ‘frantic’ printing and subsequent fitting session began – and continued long into the evening. The following day, the client decided to pay an adhoc visit to our offices to inspect the quality of print and the quality of Pyramid’s fitting capabilities – as the previous suppliers hadn’t been able to achieve the correct colour shades or achieve a good enough finish for the end client.
Upon leaving Pyramid’s premises the client not only expressed their appreciation at the speed and professionalism in overcoming the many hurdles that we’d been presented with, but also commented that they were so impressed with the manner in which Pyramid had reacted so efficiently and the quality of finished product witnessed that they were to use Pyramid Visuals as their preferred supplier for all future business.
Rick, Pyramid Visuals – Sept 2010