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Freestanding display units (FSDU`s) – Just what is a freestanding display unit? What is its purpose? Well let me explain…
We have all been in a supermarket, cinema, DIY or retail store, and walked straight passed them!

Unless of course, we have been looking out for something in particular, or seen something we actually want to buy.

FSDU display units for DVD and games

FSDU display units for DVD and games

FSDU display units for DVD and games

Maybe it was just what the freestanding display unit was designed to do. To stand out, catch the eye serve a purpose for which it was designed, not just to look pretty in a corner of a department store.

FSDU’s are designed to stand out and be easily transportable, so they can be placed in such a fashion to catch the eye and promote the product being sold. Striking visuals and graphics will help to capture the eye of the consumer, and make an impression in such a way you want to look again. If this is the case, the FSDU has served its purpose with success.
The FSDU is designed and generated by our team at Pyramid Visuals, who consider all possible avenues to ensure the product will stand out. This is true whether the product be headphones, garden tools, car cleaning equipment, the scope is endless.
The FSDU can be manufactured to promote the product on sale, with maximum impact to the consumer. As a result, these units will make an impact in the remotest of places.

There is no size restriction to the FSDU. They range from small countertop units to giant 1.8metre units. They can be thin, wide, large and small, all shapes and sizes, and adaptable enough to suit any individual requirement.

Digital print will suit every client, so each FSDU is tailored to the client’s every need. This is where Pyramid Visuals comes into its own…
Every product is bespoke and produced to meet each client’s requirement, whether it is production of a thousand, or just one.

Pyramid Visuals are here waiting for you to engage your thoughts and provide the service you require, in order to promote your product for the world to see!

Michael young
Sales executive

Pyramid Visuals have taken on some of the big brand names in recent history, producing work for Audi, Costa, Greenpeace and currently Sky. It has been both interesting and challenging for me as a new employee, in understanding my part in the organisation process of such a large project. We embarked on this project at the end of 2010, as one by one, each Sky vehicle reached us to undergo its transformation process.

Having been involved in the management and administration of such a project, I can now share with you some of my experience here at Pyramid Visuals….

In the beginning…

25 promotional vehicles in total passed through our hands at Pyramid over recent months, including Vauxhall Zafiras, Smart cars and a few exhibition Lorries. Each vehicle with its existing wrapping was dropped off to us by an independent driver, checked over, and signed in with me, at Reception.

Each vehicle was then inspected by a team of sub-contractors. Ken Priddy (of Ken Priddy Sound ,Lighting, Communication,) temporarily set up base in our hanger next door, where he and his team instigated the process of assessing each vehicle, testing and repairing the internal Hi-Tech equipment.

And so…

One by one, each vehicle was moved into the factory where our team began to strip the old vinyl. The vehicles had originally been completely wrapped, and the process of removal was a lengthy one!
Once this had been achieved, the vehicle was then cleaned and prepared for the next stage…

As part of this project, our Graphic Designers had reviewed and modified the artwork supplied by Sky. This ensured the artwork would fit the vehicle’s individual dimensions and minimise material wastage, once printed.

Having ensured Sky and the team were happy with the artwork, it was then sent down to the production factory where it was reproduced using our HP5000 printer. We chose to print onto Avery 1900, a vinyl suitable for temporary wrapping but also durable, due to its quality and finish.
Our fitters then embarked on applying the vinyl to the vehicle, as each panel was printed off. Once complete the vehicle was returned back to the hanger to await a full valet.

After the remaining vehicles had undergone the transformation process, it was then time for some of the fleet to leave us and return to Sky. Independent drivers slowly began to filter back in, and it was my responsibility to ensure each vehicle had been checked and signed out before the keys were handed over.
The remaining vehicles were retained in our hanger until Sky returned with their production team…

Sky used our premises to film their latest training video for internal purposes, and spent a few days alongside us. Once enough material had been filmed, the last few vehicles were then signed out, and the project drew to a close.

It has been fascinating for me to observe how such a task is managed, organised and controlled. There are many people involved in each stage of the process, from the signing in of each vehicle, through to purchasing and ordering, production of artwork, printing, and fitting the new vinyl.
I now possess a deeper understanding of the processes involved, and fully appreciate the organisational aspect, having played my part.

As another successful project is complete, so our business continues to thrive here at Pyramid Visuals… We can be sure to see Sky again in the near future!

For more information and quotations please contact our team on 01932 33 88 99.

Hannah Clark

The PyramidVisuals / Greenpeace banner featuring 380 Meter Squared 3D artwork by Kurt Wenner has made it’s way to Budapest, Hungary and was put on display in front of Parliament on Kossuth Square.

The initiative was started by Greenpeace and Avaaz as a petition against GM crops and was supported by the signatures of a million Europeans which were then printed on the edge of the canvas.

Here are some photos of the banner in Budapest.

I’m Mike Young a new recruit to Pyramid Visuals

I’ve been working in the printing industry for over 25 years and it’s hard to think that the industry can be so diverse , in every aspect

And what it has to offer both as security print, catalogues , magazines flyers and booklets .

Which I had been accustomed to over the many years , throughout this industry we have become used to our surroundings and what we are used to working in until it hits you in the face .

We all get into our comfort zones as they say with what we do and how we act . that is until you get told as one person did to me one afternoon “think outside the banner “.

I lived in Leeds so taking a new job in new surroundings started to make me think whilst driving down to London on a Monday morning then back to Leeds on a Friday and you’re stuck in traffic as you all know that feeling as I’m sure you will , you start to look around and the mind wanders after you’ve spotted and advertisement .then I started to wonder just how many people commute without noticing the amount of everyday advertisements are right there in front of their eyes .

You only realize this when its pointed out all theses posters , banners , vehicle wraps sat right in front of you free and very much mobile advertisement.

You actually start to look and think someone somewhere has taken the time to actually evolve and generate what would have probably been an idea on the back of a matchbox and developed this into more than an idea into something that will catch the eye .

Make something that stood out to me since working for Pyramid Visuals , the way we can evolve , design , generate , and evaluate how to make someone’s idea become an eye catching design that will grab the attention of the public so much so they want to get involved in this or even want to buy into this .

Whether it be banners , posters , everyday leaflets , car wraps building wraps . they all do the same thing and that is catch the attention of the general public , make them stop for that one second and ponder is this for them .Pyramid Visuals can do this and loads more by just engaging in just one idea .

We all want what we are trying to advertise, show off to be noticed there are companies that can do this and Pyramid Visuals can do all this .

The way we communicate today isn’t by phone , if we want to communicate to the masses as they say its to everybody .

Whether it be Banners for special occasions , Public spectacles Events and Promotional brandings , Point of sale , Freestanding display units , Countertop display units , Car wraps , Simple posters

They all catch the eye . Making you want to buy into that product , All because it caught your eye just for that moment made you stop and look.

Pyramid Visuals is there just for that principle to help generate ideas from a matchbox into real life advertisements

Just think of the phrase “Pyramid Visuals bringing Visuals to Life”

Kind regards

Mike Young