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Got a new office? A launch in the pipeline? Summer sale to promote?

One effective way to spread your message is through vinyl graphics. Vinyl Graphics and window decals have been around for years and are an inexpensive and functional way to decorate windows, buses, cars and virtually any other smooth surface. The good news is window decals and vinyl graphics are also becoming more innovative every day.

Looking for a cost effective promotional tool?

Printing window graphics doesn’t cost much nowadays. With digitally printed design and production, the process is highly simplified and requires less expense and resource, so you can get vinyl graphics and window decals printed quickly. Business owners appreciate the benefits of this, which is why self adhesive vinyl printing tends to be an integral part of any marketing campaign.

Vinyl is a strong and durable material

Vinyl graphics are able to withstands the effects of prolonged exposure to sun, rain, wind and snow. The secret of why it’ so long lasting lies in its use pigments in the solvent ink mixed to create the self-adhesive vinyl prints. It is very common for vinyl producers to use UV ink, which also protects vinyl banners from UV, water and humidity.

Window manifestations that stop crowds

Window ManifestationWindow manifestations can be used for catching the eyes of passers-by, as seasonal decorations, to promote a sale or special offer– these are just three of the many options available. Custom window manifestation designs are usually computer cut and applied to create the exact effect you want.

The versatility that every advertiser wants

Vinyl graphics and window decals can be reused for future marketing campaigns, e.g. window graphics are easy to put up and take down.

Simply store your vinyl graphics until they are needed again. If you want to change the copy or design of an existing window manifestation, it can literally take minutes to change the original design – as long as it’s still on file. With vinyl graphics there is no need to create new signs from scratch. This ensures value for money, versatility and consistency of brand. All the ingredients needed for successful and ongoing marketing communication.

The effectiveness of point of sale – when combined with vibrant design, digital printing and reduced production costs – means that point of sale can take many forms and is no longer just for huge brands.

Let’s look at the different examples of point of sale:

  • Counter top displays
  • Large POS signs
  • Wobblers
  • Free standing display units (FSDU)
  • Cardboard displays

Point of sale displays should carry a strong ‘call to action’ message. Customers must be prompted to enquire more about your product or service as soon as he or she sees your POS display.

packaging display units

packaging display units

Three fail-safe pointers to help you develop successful point of sale

Placement makes perfect

Placement should never be underestimated – you will only benefit when your prospects see the POS at the right time.

Depending on your business, place POS on counters, at the front of your store, next to restaurant tables or at the bar, e.g. so people can read it as they wait for their drinks.

Make it catchy

No one likes to read boring signs. If you have a product, you should have an eye-catching quote or a stand-out design in order to let people to interact – and act on it. The message you choose must be understood at a glance.

Work with vendors

If you are not sure where to start when it comes to point of sale, contact Pyramid Visuals or ask other, similar businesses who have used POS in the past.

Point of sale – the stand out option

These are three essential points that will help you to create a successful point of sale – especially as part of an integrated marketing campaign. By bearing these three points in mind, you’ll be able to dodge the main POS pitfalls and find success in this productive, yet often underestimated form of promotion. Good luck!