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I’m Mike Young a new recruit to Pyramid Visuals

I’ve been working in the printing industry for over 25 years and it’s hard to think that the industry can be so diverse , in every aspect

And what it has to offer both as security print, catalogues , magazines flyers and booklets .

Which I had been accustomed to over the many years , throughout this industry we have become used to our surroundings and what we are used to working in until it hits you in the face .

We all get into our comfort zones as they say with what we do and how we act . that is until you get told as one person did to me one afternoon “think outside the banner “.

I lived in Leeds so taking a new job in new surroundings started to make me think whilst driving down to London on a Monday morning then back to Leeds on a Friday and you’re stuck in traffic as you all know that feeling as I’m sure you will , you start to look around and the mind wanders after you’ve spotted and advertisement .then I started to wonder just how many people commute without noticing the amount of everyday advertisements are right there in front of their eyes .

You only realize this when its pointed out all theses posters , banners , vehicle wraps sat right in front of you free and very much mobile advertisement.

You actually start to look and think someone somewhere has taken the time to actually evolve and generate what would have probably been an idea on the back of a matchbox and developed this into more than an idea into something that will catch the eye .

Make something that stood out to me since working for Pyramid Visuals , the way we can evolve , design , generate , and evaluate how to make someone’s idea become an eye catching design that will grab the attention of the public so much so they want to get involved in this or even want to buy into this .

Whether it be banners , posters , everyday leaflets , car wraps building wraps . they all do the same thing and that is catch the attention of the general public , make them stop for that one second and ponder is this for them .Pyramid Visuals can do this and loads more by just engaging in just one idea .

We all want what we are trying to advertise, show off to be noticed there are companies that can do this and Pyramid Visuals can do all this .

The way we communicate today isn’t by phone , if we want to communicate to the masses as they say its to everybody .

Whether it be Banners for special occasions , Public spectacles Events and Promotional brandings , Point of sale , Freestanding display units , Countertop display units , Car wraps , Simple posters

They all catch the eye . Making you want to buy into that product , All because it caught your eye just for that moment made you stop and look.

Pyramid Visuals is there just for that principle to help generate ideas from a matchbox into real life advertisements

Just think of the phrase “Pyramid Visuals bringing Visuals to Life”

Kind regards

Mike Young

I am here interested in the intricacies of digital print, from the small lowly flag to the majestic building wrap, no surprise then that I was over the moon when Pyramid Visuals offered me employment.

Now I was in a position where I could not only earn an honest wage but lo and behold I was put smack bang in the centre of a fast paced multi organisational company whose life blood was the visuals they produced.

We have a plethora of printers, SEVEN in fact, all UV or Solvent specification.
We also have a large flat bed printer and the beauty of these printing resources?
We can print anything for anyone anywhere and practically any time.

Hard working Digital Print operator and Fitters join forces here with an imaginative creative team and dynamic sales force to culminate in the perfect place to work.

I never fail to be impressed by the volume and quality of work the team produce and have a constant thirst for knowledge, everyone here at Pyramid Visuals is more than happy to talk me through how a job is completed and can discuss at length the different materials we use and for what job so that when I am approached by a customer, I can take great pride in the fact that I can answer their queries to the best of my abilities.

In short, I love working for a company that not only know what they are doing but are also at the cutting edge of the industry.

Life is good 🙂