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During the past century, NIVEA has been a constant companion for millions of people, including some of the most recognizable faces in the world. Global music icon Rihanna is one of those recognizable faces, and now she has joined Nivea to celebrate their 100th anniversary! “I think if you feel comfortable within your skin, it shows” says Rihanna. “NIVEA & I have teamed up to celebrate their 100th year anniversary which I am very, very excited about and honoured & proud to be a part of.”

Pyramid Visuals too were excited and honoured to be part of the team that produced the publicity material for Rihanna’s current European tour

NIVEA is dedicated to making people feel comfortable in their own skin. Pyramid Visuals task was to provide a completely new “skin” that transformed the look of the support vehicle for the tour. Printed on Avery vinyls and contravision on our Scitex machines, the vinyl wrap job was completed in just 3 days, alongside a range of pull-up banners publicizing Nivea’s involvement with the Rihanna tour.

So impressed was the USA based client with the end result, Pyramid were called on again to provide a further set of graphics shipped to Germany for another bus used on that leg of the tour through Europe. To quote the client “You guys are spot on and have it figured out! Great work! THANKS!!!!” and “Thanks again for jumping through the hoops for us!!!!”

Pyramid Visuals have taken on some of the big brand names in recent history, producing work for Audi, Costa, Greenpeace and currently Sky. It has been both interesting and challenging for me as a new employee, in understanding my part in the organisation process of such a large project. We embarked on this project at the end of 2010, as one by one, each Sky vehicle reached us to undergo its transformation process.

Having been involved in the management and administration of such a project, I can now share with you some of my experience here at Pyramid Visuals….

In the beginning…

25 promotional vehicles in total passed through our hands at Pyramid over recent months, including Vauxhall Zafiras, Smart cars and a few exhibition Lorries. Each vehicle with its existing wrapping was dropped off to us by an independent driver, checked over, and signed in with me, at Reception.

Each vehicle was then inspected by a team of sub-contractors. Ken Priddy (of Ken Priddy Sound ,Lighting, Communication,) temporarily set up base in our hanger next door, where he and his team instigated the process of assessing each vehicle, testing and repairing the internal Hi-Tech equipment.

And so…

One by one, each vehicle was moved into the factory where our team began to strip the old vinyl. The vehicles had originally been completely wrapped, and the process of removal was a lengthy one!
Once this had been achieved, the vehicle was then cleaned and prepared for the next stage…

As part of this project, our Graphic Designers had reviewed and modified the artwork supplied by Sky. This ensured the artwork would fit the vehicle’s individual dimensions and minimise material wastage, once printed.

Having ensured Sky and the team were happy with the artwork, it was then sent down to the production factory where it was reproduced using our HP5000 printer. We chose to print onto Avery 1900, a vinyl suitable for temporary wrapping but also durable, due to its quality and finish.
Our fitters then embarked on applying the vinyl to the vehicle, as each panel was printed off. Once complete the vehicle was returned back to the hanger to await a full valet.

After the remaining vehicles had undergone the transformation process, it was then time for some of the fleet to leave us and return to Sky. Independent drivers slowly began to filter back in, and it was my responsibility to ensure each vehicle had been checked and signed out before the keys were handed over.
The remaining vehicles were retained in our hanger until Sky returned with their production team…

Sky used our premises to film their latest training video for internal purposes, and spent a few days alongside us. Once enough material had been filmed, the last few vehicles were then signed out, and the project drew to a close.

It has been fascinating for me to observe how such a task is managed, organised and controlled. There are many people involved in each stage of the process, from the signing in of each vehicle, through to purchasing and ordering, production of artwork, printing, and fitting the new vinyl.
I now possess a deeper understanding of the processes involved, and fully appreciate the organisational aspect, having played my part.

As another successful project is complete, so our business continues to thrive here at Pyramid Visuals… We can be sure to see Sky again in the near future!

For more information and quotations please contact our team on 01932 33 88 99.

Hannah Clark

Evans Cycles the well known push bike company wanted to rebrand their vehicle fleet with something more colourful and impactful.

Evans have a total of 15 7.5 ton ridged trucks and 3 transit size vans in their fleet and wanted the vehicle livery to represent the corporate brand.
They approached Pyramid Visuals to assist them re brand and transform their fleet of vehicles.

As the 7.5 ton trucks travel up and down the country we used the Avery 2000 with the DOL 2000 laminate and the transit size vehicles with the Avery 1005 and 3D 1030 laminate which are a reliable and trusted vinyl all digitally printed on our HP Scitex 1500 .

The vehicles worked in a relay where we removed the old livery, cleaned up the trucks and wrapped the bodywork with the vinyl digital print. The end result is a striking fleet livery as an effective advertisement for their corporate brand which will last them for 5 years.

Truckside advertising is an effective way of getting your marketing message across and will cost a lot less than billboard advertising.
For more information on truckside advertising and fleet livery go to:

Having been badly let down by a previous vinyl wrapping supplier, Pyramid Visuals were contacted in something of a panic to try and help rectify a predicament a client had been dropped in. With less than half a week to go to meet the deadline for a large outdoor event, we were tasked with digitally printing and wrapping 10 contemporary-styled Rickshaws in bespoke Arsenal / O2 branding.
All seemed well on the face of it – the deadline was unrealistically tight, our fitting diary was totally booked out for the remainder of the week leaving no space to squeeze the job in, the Rickshaws were delivered still partially wrapped from a previous job and as for the material being in stock, we simply didn’t have time to wait for new stock to be delivered. So a fairly routine job it was then …!
Having re-jigged the fitting diary, pacified many concerned Pyramid employees about the limited turnaround time, stripped the vehicles in preparation for rebranding wrap and sourced enough material to do the job, we waited for the artwork to be sent through … and we waited and waited and waited.
Finally, with a day and a half to go until the job was due to be unveiled to the public, the artwork was eventually sent to Pyramid and the professional yet slightly ‘frantic’ printing and subsequent fitting session began – and continued long into the evening. The following day, the client decided to pay an adhoc visit to our offices to inspect the quality of print and the quality of Pyramid’s fitting capabilities – as the previous suppliers hadn’t been able to achieve the correct colour shades or achieve a good enough finish for the end client.
Upon leaving Pyramid’s premises the client not only expressed their appreciation at the speed and professionalism in overcoming the many hurdles that we’d been presented with, but also commented that they were so impressed with the manner in which Pyramid had reacted so efficiently and the quality of finished product witnessed that they were to use Pyramid Visuals as their preferred supplier for all future business.
Rick, Pyramid Visuals – Sept 2010

Charlotte o Connor picking up her custom wrapped campervan

A call came in from Quiksilver enquiring about the possibilities of customising a 1970’s Campervan for an upcoming “promotional tour”. Having talked through a selection of options to meet with their budget, it was only at this point that we learned that the “promotional tour” was in fact to help launch the fledgling career of Charlotte O’Connor, a young British female musician recently signed to Columbia Records – a record label owned by Sony Music Entertainment – and also a recently signed female ambassador for Quiksilver Women.
The following day and after several discussions with Charlotte’s manager, the head of music promotion at Sony, several in-house designers for Quiksilver and the European director for Quiksilver Women, the first sight of the draft artwork was witnessed. Pyramid Visuals were also informed that the Campervan would have to be fully branded using Charlotte’s own designs and ready to hit the road for the start of her UK tour within the next 3 days. We were also informed that the van was being picked up and delivered for fitting to Pyramid Visuals in 2 days time and that we would only have one morning to complete the fitting.
Once again, Pyramid Visuals delivered the job on time and on budget to the great delight to Charlotte, who tweeted and facebooked several pictures of the tour van to her growing legions of fans within 15 minutes of collecting it, and her manager, Quiksilver and Sony representatives who have all subsequently expressed their appreciation and delight at how quickly and professionally the whole job was handled by Pyramid Visuals from start to finish.

You can follow Charlotte on her tour by reading more on her website

Pyramid Visuals wishes Charlotte mega success in her career.

Designing and Preparing the Vehicle for Wrapping
Design work for vehicle wrapping is much different than design work for flat graphics or banners or any other vinyl application, according to experts, and preparing vehicles for installation is critical to the appearance and life of the wrap.
Designing for Vehicle Wraps

Knowing the vehicle

Knowing the shape and size of the vehicle and all its nuances is a critical part of the design process; therefore, taking measurements before you do any design work is a must. You really have to have a good handle on templates, templates are so key because positioning is critical. If you have to do a lot of reprints, then that could break your business. Experts also recommend an auto library that contains vector images of cars, trucks and buses and a digital camera with which to take pictures. The goal is to know every millimetre of the vehicle. If you don’t take time to do this up front, then you could end up with text over a door handle. Even though you are wrapping a box trailer, for example, measurements are still important because there are slight differences that could cause major problems during installation.

Read the rest of this article on our website

Business have successfully been using vehicle wrapping for the past 15 years but its only recently that end users have also seen the benefits of car wrapping thanks to the advances and colour finishes of the vinyl.

With so many vehicles with colourful wraps on the road it was only a matter of time before the public wised up to the world of vehicles wraps. People tend to get bored of with their cars and with the credit crunch buying a new car is just not affordable. So changing the colour of their car would add a new lease of life to the car and owner and the vinyl manufactures have geared up to the next generation of vehicle wrapping.

Whilst printable and self colour wrapping vinyl’s have been around for 15 years the unusual colours and finish are just at the beginning. There has been about 20% increase in enquires this year for matt finish wrap which probably started this all off a couple of years ago and carbon fibre effect is constantly been asked for but no vinyl was up to the job of a full wrap until now.

There is now a range of colour effect wrapping vinyl’s from fantastic pearl white and carbon white to a cost effective mirror chrome. I’m sure once the custom car market sees some of these then there will be a greater demand for more colour effect vinyl’s as wrapping is significantly cheaper than a re-spray and takes a fraction of the time and can be done many times.

Creative designers have also cottoned these new self coloured effect vinyl’s and to make the wraps more interesting are designing vehicles wraps which have a

combination of digital print and colour effect vinyl creating an even more eye catching design.

matt black finish wrap

matt black finish wrap

As printing costs have come down and speeded up, self adhesive vinyl’s are easier to install and remove many Blue Chip companies with fleets are frequently re-wrapping parts of their fleets to fit in with companies above the line advertising campaign.

Installation costs won’t come down much as it takes time and skill to wrap a vehicle but with more companies offering this service then this will give the consumer great choose and more locally.

Promotional vehicle wraps to support other field marketing campaigns is up 10% possibly down to becoming more affordable and vehicle rental Companies becoming more lenient to fully wrapping their vehicles. Field marketing gets to the very heart of target audiences and what better way to do this than a large double decker coach in the middle of the car park, or driving up and down the high street, you just can’t miss it!

Amy Sweeting is one of three girl team taking part in the Mongol Rally, leaving on July 24th. This will entail a journey of approximately 10,000 miles through some difficult territory in a car which must have an engine capacity of no more than 1 litre!  We are undertaking this enormous challenge to raise funds for Disability Challengers, a Surrey charity which provides play schemes and other opportunities for disabled children and young people, and we are hoping that you will feel able to support us.

The three of them have worked at our local Disability Challengers play scheme during school and university holidays for some years now and have seen for ourselves the hugely important work that this charity does.  Play and leisure opportunities are vital for all children and young people to help develop important social and communication skills plus a host of other things, but sadly thousands of disabled children and young people are excluded from such opportunities because of the level of care they require.  This limits development and achievement of potential, and also places huge strains on families.  Disability Challengers welcomes youngsters however profound their disabilities and we all have great fun!  Unfortunately though, there is insufficient funding to meet need.  The charity estimates that for every disabled child and young person who uses its services, three more are desperately waiting to access their play and leisure schemes.

The girls want to raise as much money as possible to support the excellent work of Disability Challengers to open more schemes and have decided on something that will really challenge us – the Mongol Rally!  The journey will take them through about 15 countries depending on the route we finally decide, and deserts, mountains and wilderness. On average just over half the teams make the finish line but we are determined to make it. Our preparations are well under way but we need vital support.

Pyramid Visuals has produced some of the vehicle graphics and decals and wish the team good luck with their challenge.

Please do what you can to support them, in however small a way this is and need to raise not only funds but awareness of the charity and to do this, they will be hosting many fundraising events. Disability Challengers is celebrating 30 years of operation and in the past 10 years has  increased the number of families it supports from 70 to 1,000 and it hopes to continue developing and expanding its schemes to include even more disabled children and young people. Disability Challengers provides a life line for disabled children and young people and their families and parents, giving the latter a break from what can be a constant cycle of care.  As one parent told us, “I can’t imagine a future without the support of Challengers.

Pyramid Visuals also produced the vehicle wrap graphics for the Land Rover Ambulance which is been donated to a hospital on its arrive.

Mark (Vehicle Graphics Apprentice)

I decided a ago that I wanted to learn to wrap cars; I had very little experience in the printing industry but was confident that with time and persistence I could learn skills that would broaden my horizons in this industry.

I started by fixing a car wing to my living room wall and purchasing 50 metres of vehicle wrap vinyl, after spending most of my spare time applying and removing vinyl from the wing I felt I could not learn any more without expert advice so, I embarked on a 2 day certified training course.  I was now confident that I could wrap an entire car.  I was very very WRONG!  I have been with Pyramid Visuals for 2 months now as an apprentice and, alongside experienced staff, have successfully fitted approximately 20 vehicles from Double Decker Buses to Camper Vans.

Each job presents new challenges and I still have a lot to learn, it is also far more physically demanding than I could have anticipated and at the end of a full day fitting every bone in my body aches, as does my brain!

It can be very stressful knowing that even a small mistake can cost several hundreds of pounds and cause substantial delays to a customer who needs their vehicle back.  Like many things; what seems easy in theory is incredibly different in practice. However, I am thoroughly relishing the challenge.

Mark – Apprentice vehicle Wrapper

Here’s the Audi Ad featuring the hotrods that were wrapped by Pyramid Visuals.