Pyramid Visuals

When it comes to Vehicle Graphics, Pyramid has the Edge.

In 1993, a group of young designers decided that they could make vehicle graphics even more effective by taking advantage of emerging vinyl printing technology. With the help of a business partner they set up a state-of-the-art sign company based around the newly launched Gerber Edge colour printing and contour cutting system. Just six years later, Pyramid Visuals is a prosperous company enjoying a nationwide reputation for its fleet vehicle identification and promotional branding work.

Pyramid Visuals has its headquarters in Woking, Surrey, however, examples of the company’s creativity can be seen all over the UK.

In addition to a broad base of clients in the South East, it provides a comprehensive sign design, production and fitting service for a number of nationwide organisations, including Securicor, Omega, Toyota (GB) Ltd and Clancy Dowcra Ltd.

Justin Murray, Sales Manager and one of the founders of Pyramid Visuals Ltd believes that the company’s success is born out of strong design and project management skills backed up by a versatile and reliable production system. Pyramid Visuals was one of the first companies in the country to take delivery of a Gerber Edge cutting system from Spandex PLC, Gerbers European distributor and its purchase enabled Pyramid Visuals to print vibrant spot and process colour designs direct on to the everyday self-adhesive vinyl used in the production of signs and vehicle graphics. The printed images require no lamination and offer an outdoor life of up to five years. A Gerbers slave plotter provided highly accurate contour cutting for the output.

The advent of this new thermal transfer printing technology opened the door to all kinds of marketing and advertising opportunities for Pyramid Visuals. In addition to producing fleet vehicle liveries for corporate customers, the company also works closely with a number of marketing, advertising and promotion companies to create exciting promotional branding on vehicles and it has produced some absolutely stunning full-colour work with the Gerber Edge. The superb graphics produced for the Taylor Made promotional vehicle guaranteed that this golfing supplies business received plenty of attention during the recent PGA European Tour. Pyramid Visuals also used the Gerber Edge to ensure that the UK launch of the new Toyota HI-Ace power van packed a really big punch.

However, as Pyramid’s sales manager was quick to point out, promotional branding is just one facet of the company’s signmaking activities. Pyramid Visuals is equally adept at tackling conventional vehicle liveries, general work, even short run labels with its Gerber Edge system.

Although Pyramid Visuals offers a UK wide onsite vehicle fitting service (it has recently completed a 700 vehicle contract for Securicor Omega), some of its clients find the DIY approach to fitting vehicle graphics to be a more convenient solution in certain instances. Toyota (GB) Ltd provides its 230 or so UK distributors with “Toyota Parts Express” graphics kits, (which features spot colours, drop shadows and fades), which can be produced as and when they’re needed and customised to suit different vehicle colours. Using ordinary cut vinyl production methods, design elements like drop shadows would have to be produced, weeded, applied and removed separately.

According to Justin Murray, Sales Manager and one of the founders of Pyramid Visuals, producing the graphics kits with the Gerber Edge system saves time and money for both the company and its clients “printing the design elements and contour cutting the graphics in one piece saves time when it comes to weeding and makes it much easier for individuals with little or no vinyl experience to apply and subsequently remove the graphics.”

So what does the future hold for Pyramid Visuals? Well, the company’s commitment to high quality design, workmanship and customer services continues to attract new clients and to ensure that it retains its ability to react swiftly to the needs of its increasing number of customers, it has plans to expand its production facilities, possibly with the addition of a new Gerber Edge 2. Although the existing Gerber Edge is still going strong, investing in a Gerber Edge 2 would increase productivity significantly. According to Spandex, the Gerber Edge 2 prints vinyl graphics up to three times faster that the existing system and offers even higher print resolutions too. By investing in the latest technology and offering the highest levels of customers service, Pyramid Visuals sees no reason why it can’t maintain its position at the forefront of vehicle graphics and promotional branding in the UK.