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I am here interested in the intricacies of digital print, from the small lowly flag to the majestic building wrap, no surprise then that I was over the moon when Pyramid Visuals offered me employment.

Now I was in a position where I could not only earn an honest wage but lo and behold I was put smack bang in the centre of a fast paced multi organisational company whose life blood was the visuals they produced.

We have a plethora of printers, SEVEN in fact, all UV or Solvent specification.
We also have a large flat bed printer and the beauty of these printing resources?
We can print anything for anyone anywhere and practically any time.

Hard working Digital Print operator and Fitters join forces here with an imaginative creative team and dynamic sales force to culminate in the perfect place to work.

I never fail to be impressed by the volume and quality of work the team produce and have a constant thirst for knowledge, everyone here at Pyramid Visuals is more than happy to talk me through how a job is completed and can discuss at length the different materials we use and for what job so that when I am approached by a customer, I can take great pride in the fact that I can answer their queries to the best of my abilities.

In short, I love working for a company that not only know what they are doing but are also at the cutting edge of the industry.

Life is good 🙂

Print Week October 2008

Killer app… The Monument building wrap

WHAT A giant lifelike print of the exterior of historic London landmark The Monument to The Great Fire of London, hiding restoration works taking place on the building.

WHO The building wrap was printed by Weybridge-based super-large-format firm Pyramid Visuals.

WHERE The Monument is a 61m-tall structure located in the City of London. It stands exactly 61m from Pudding Lane, where the fire of London is believed to have started in 1666.

HOW Before creating the artwork, Pyramid Visuals took high-resolution photographs of the structure capturing it at all angles, which were then printed on a mesh-material with high tear resistance. Four of these were produced on an HP Scitex 1500 and joined using a hot-air welder. The sky scene was artificially imposed by the print firm.

WOW As the building represents a momentous point in the history of London, it was important the print looked realistic as tourists continue to visit the site while The Monument is being worked on. The wrap was attached to the scaffolding by a team of abseilers who had to match up the four sides precisely to create a lifelike image. Detailed assessments of weather conditions were needed, which showed that the wrap couldn’t be attached to the top of The Monument as the strong winds in the area would cause a vortex

Monument Wrap

Monument Wrap

In 2007, Pyramid Visuals was contracted by the city of London to supply a number of 25m X 15m panels to wrap around the Monument in Monument street london, as part of the restoration plans for the Monument.

The panels had to be printed seperately then welded together to create a large enough panel to be used in the wrapping of the Monument.

Read more on this mammoth task that was hugely successfull.