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Amy Sweeting is one of three girl team taking part in the Mongol Rally, leaving on July 24th. This will entail a journey of approximately 10,000 miles through some difficult territory in a car which must have an engine capacity of no more than 1 litre!  We are undertaking this enormous challenge to raise funds for Disability Challengers, a Surrey charity which provides play schemes and other opportunities for disabled children and young people, and we are hoping that you will feel able to support us.

The three of them have worked at our local Disability Challengers play scheme during school and university holidays for some years now and have seen for ourselves the hugely important work that this charity does.  Play and leisure opportunities are vital for all children and young people to help develop important social and communication skills plus a host of other things, but sadly thousands of disabled children and young people are excluded from such opportunities because of the level of care they require.  This limits development and achievement of potential, and also places huge strains on families.  Disability Challengers welcomes youngsters however profound their disabilities and we all have great fun!  Unfortunately though, there is insufficient funding to meet need.  The charity estimates that for every disabled child and young person who uses its services, three more are desperately waiting to access their play and leisure schemes.

The girls want to raise as much money as possible to support the excellent work of Disability Challengers to open more schemes and have decided on something that will really challenge us – the Mongol Rally!  The journey will take them through about 15 countries depending on the route we finally decide, and deserts, mountains and wilderness. On average just over half the teams make the finish line but we are determined to make it. Our preparations are well under way but we need vital support.

Pyramid Visuals has produced some of the vehicle graphics and decals and wish the team good luck with their challenge.

Please do what you can to support them, in however small a way this is and need to raise not only funds but awareness of the charity and to do this, they will be hosting many fundraising events. Disability Challengers is celebrating 30 years of operation and in the past 10 years has  increased the number of families it supports from 70 to 1,000 and it hopes to continue developing and expanding its schemes to include even more disabled children and young people. Disability Challengers provides a life line for disabled children and young people and their families and parents, giving the latter a break from what can be a constant cycle of care.  As one parent told us, “I can’t imagine a future without the support of Challengers.

Pyramid Visuals also produced the vehicle wrap graphics for the Land Rover Ambulance which is been donated to a hospital on its arrive.