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Charlotte o Connor picking up her custom wrapped campervan

A call came in from Quiksilver enquiring about the possibilities of customising a 1970’s Campervan for an upcoming “promotional tour”. Having talked through a selection of options to meet with their budget, it was only at this point that we learned that the “promotional tour” was in fact to help launch the fledgling career of Charlotte O’Connor, a young British female musician recently signed to Columbia Records – a record label owned by Sony Music Entertainment – and also a recently signed female ambassador for Quiksilver Women.
The following day and after several discussions with Charlotte’s manager, the head of music promotion at Sony, several in-house designers for Quiksilver and the European director for Quiksilver Women, the first sight of the draft artwork was witnessed. Pyramid Visuals were also informed that the Campervan would have to be fully branded using Charlotte’s own designs and ready to hit the road for the start of her UK tour within the next 3 days. We were also informed that the van was being picked up and delivered for fitting to Pyramid Visuals in 2 days time and that we would only have one morning to complete the fitting.
Once again, Pyramid Visuals delivered the job on time and on budget to the great delight to Charlotte, who tweeted and facebooked several pictures of the tour van to her growing legions of fans within 15 minutes of collecting it, and her manager, Quiksilver and Sony representatives who have all subsequently expressed their appreciation and delight at how quickly and professionally the whole job was handled by Pyramid Visuals from start to finish.

You can follow Charlotte on her tour by reading more on her website

Pyramid Visuals wishes Charlotte mega success in her career.

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Pyramid and the Lego Technic Challenge

Lego recently launched their global Technic challenge competition where Lego fanatics have the chance to show of their design skills and build the best possible Technic model using Technic pieces. To promote the competition various stores around the country are to host events to promote the competition and allow children to practice with Technic and create machines to perform every day tasks.


Pyramids brief was to create a Point of Sale display Unit and Dumpbin that would enable Lego to show of the Technic pieces capabilities. Creating the FSDU, essentially didn’t cause our cardboard engineers many problems, although, because of it’s sheer size we had to use 6 sheets ( sheet size: 2400 x 1600mm) of EB flute to replicate just one unit. To Create the Technic Cogs on top of the FSDU we were able to use our Zund Cutter to shape the corrugated. However, when it came to designing the Dumpbin we were faced with two major problems. Firstly, corrugated is quite a rigid substance thus, would not bend to form the cylindrical shape and secondly, creating a cog effect to the externals of the dumpbin. To overcome these problems our cardboard engineers created an inner cylindrical shape, locked with tabs, from 440mic semi rigid PVC and created the cog effect by concertinaring a 2.5m length of EB flute to create a 300mm diameter circle. This was then fastened to the inner cylinder by weaving a strap through the concertina thus, leaving no fixings visible.

Overall the project was a brilliant success and the units are being displayed throughout the country.

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Designing and Preparing the Vehicle for Wrapping
Design work for vehicle wrapping is much different than design work for flat graphics or banners or any other vinyl application, according to experts, and preparing vehicles for installation is critical to the appearance and life of the wrap.
Designing for Vehicle Wraps

Knowing the vehicle

Knowing the shape and size of the vehicle and all its nuances is a critical part of the design process; therefore, taking measurements before you do any design work is a must. You really have to have a good handle on templates, templates are so key because positioning is critical. If you have to do a lot of reprints, then that could break your business. Experts also recommend an auto library that contains vector images of cars, trucks and buses and a digital camera with which to take pictures. The goal is to know every millimetre of the vehicle. If you don’t take time to do this up front, then you could end up with text over a door handle. Even though you are wrapping a box trailer, for example, measurements are still important because there are slight differences that could cause major problems during installation.

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