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Hub Cap Adverts are the newest in mobile marketing transforming your car or vans wheels into eye-catching mobile advertisements, with pedestrians, drivers and shoppers staring at your vehicle branding.  The unique patented wheel cover of Hub Cap Adverts has been specifically designed not to rotate with the wheel.

Your advertisement stays constantly upright and readable at any speed, so Mini or Ferrari, your vehicle turns into a valuable marketing tool in promoting your business, services or products and in line with your marketing strategy.

The non-rotating wheel cover replaces traditional hubcaps on your chosen car or van to create an

eye-catching advertisement that remains stationary while the car is in motion.

Use Hub Cap Adverts to display your company logo, website address, promotions or photos and give your company a competitive advantage.

Turn the wheels of your company cars, fleet vehicles and taxis into a powerful branding medium that is so clever and unique, they will make people stare!

Hub Caps Adverts can be fitted to any car or van of your choice. Turn fleet vehicles, delivery vans, company cars or even hire cars and taxis into a valuable travelling advertisement.

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