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Freestanding display units (FSDU`s) – Just what is a freestanding display unit? What is its purpose? Well let me explain…
We have all been in a supermarket, cinema, DIY or retail store, and walked straight passed them!

Unless of course, we have been looking out for something in particular, or seen something we actually want to buy.

FSDU display units for DVD and games

FSDU display units for DVD and games

FSDU display units for DVD and games

Maybe it was just what the freestanding display unit was designed to do. To stand out, catch the eye serve a purpose for which it was designed, not just to look pretty in a corner of a department store.

FSDU’s are designed to stand out and be easily transportable, so they can be placed in such a fashion to catch the eye and promote the product being sold. Striking visuals and graphics will help to capture the eye of the consumer, and make an impression in such a way you want to look again. If this is the case, the FSDU has served its purpose with success.
The FSDU is designed and generated by our team at Pyramid Visuals, who consider all possible avenues to ensure the product will stand out. This is true whether the product be headphones, garden tools, car cleaning equipment, the scope is endless.
The FSDU can be manufactured to promote the product on sale, with maximum impact to the consumer. As a result, these units will make an impact in the remotest of places.

There is no size restriction to the FSDU. They range from small countertop units to giant 1.8metre units. They can be thin, wide, large and small, all shapes and sizes, and adaptable enough to suit any individual requirement.

Digital print will suit every client, so each FSDU is tailored to the client’s every need. This is where Pyramid Visuals comes into its own…
Every product is bespoke and produced to meet each client’s requirement, whether it is production of a thousand, or just one.

Pyramid Visuals are here waiting for you to engage your thoughts and provide the service you require, in order to promote your product for the world to see!

Michael young
Sales executive