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Imagine a circular banner that measures 22m x 22m and contains a 3D Anamorphic piece of art by a world renknowned artist and has 1 million signatures alongs its edge, neatly printed on environmentally friendly fabric.

That’s what we at Pyramid Visuals had to deliver for a Greenpeace petition against genetically modified crops.

After getting the brief from Greenpeace we had to approach this project in sections due to the vast undertaking that it was;

Artwork had to be obtained, a suitable, printable substrate had to be sourced, a bonding mechanism need to be investigated and other background tasks had to be done before embarking on this project.

The artwork for this mammoth task was done in the United states by Kurt Wenner, the famous 3D sidewalk artist.

The 11Gb print files were uploaded to us via the internet and our inhouse design team reformatted the images into working pieces that we could use on our printing machines.

The 1 milllion signatures were then added to the edge of the banner and the entire lot was then printed onto sections of environmentally friendly printing substrates on our Scitex HP XL1200 machine. The sections were then bonded together to create one massive, record breaking banner.

The completed banner was then driven up to Brussels for delivery.

You read read more about this multi pledged initiative on Greenpeace’s website at the following link: