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Office storage cupboards is a necessity to an efficient and tidy office but often the storage doors can be a bit of an eyesore unless you have a large budget for quality veneered doors. Pyramid Visuals can transform this office storage wall into a piece of art and transform the working environment.

St James Place moved into new building and wanted to brighten up their office. They had installed the high quality office storage specialists James Tobias who installed the storagewall system.

Pyramid Visuals then printed off the client’s artwork on our high resolution HP digital printers onto an Avery 2000 self adhesive vinyl which was then laminated. The Pyramid Visuals experienced installation team went to the client’s office where he temporary removed the storage unit doors and items like locks, handles and hinges were taken off. The vinyl’s were then carefully installed ensure the images as aligned.

The locks, hinges and handles were then refitted and door hung back up to create a wonderful image of a forest.

This is a great example of how good photograph can transform the working environment and the versatility of Pyramid Visuals creative thinking.

Filing Cabinet

Filing Cabinet